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25 January
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The Journal
Yappo!! Basically this journal has what most journals have XD... Fangirlsm, crack, blah blah blah... What can you specifically find here??? Most of it is Kanjani8 stuff: crack posts, lots of picsams with lots of NC 17 rated information XD so please, read it under you own responsability. Also I share files (when I'm in mood XD)and when I'm on GUITAR MODE I share chords, but I constantly fix them, so if you want to try them, go back to the entry and check XD... ehh... Well that's about it... Fangirl journal, with lots of random stuffs and full of stupidity ^_^...

♥. Know me
Me??? ...Laura, a university student (graphic design), who doesn't want to grow up and dreams to one day make her life in Japan
Loves: Gackt, L'arc, Shibutani Subaru and Kanjani8
Hobbies: guitar, singing, graphics, drawings, photography, fashion... etc.
Favorites: When it comes to music.. I love everything, i don't care about language or genre.. it just have to be well done then it's all up to my ears XD I do listen to Jmusic most of the times.
JROCK: I think Gackt is gonna rule the world one day XD And L'arc is total love... But I do listen to many others.. Orange Range, Remioromen, Rip Slyme, Uverworld, AsianKungFu Gen and tons of others... Also listen to Rock in english, Rock in spanish, in german oh well... but when it's party time.. it's alllll about latin music!!!
Jpop: Kanjani8 pretty much owns this field XD... Specially Sanossans (you can see the three hotties right there), and basically Shibutani Subaru... Yui is the only female artist I admire! Listen to other Johnny's groups aswell...

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