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Guess where I am right now!!

Yellow hello!!!!

Guess where I am right now... guess.. srsly try!!...

I´m at Niki´s place weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!
Yeap... I spent the whole weekend with Niki, first time we finally met and it just felt like we´ve done it thousend of times XDDD
I have pictures.. but sadly I don´t have the usb cable.. so stay tuned-... Cuz I´ll be back!

Fu hu hu.. Niki is passing just next to me and she doens´t know I`m doing thise buahahahah
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Buahaha I felt like dancing XD

Ho ho ho... Laura is dancing yo!!!... Well let me tell you the story of this many videos... I'm living with a family right?... SO they left for the weekend and I had no money to travel so I stayed the whole weekend alone. XD Don't get me wrong, I actually had a great time XD Sadly it all ends tomorrow... Anyways.....

For those who know DBSK XD... I decided to record Survivor dance, 1. Becuse there aren't many of them, 2. Becuz everyone does Mirtoic-Rising Sun (which of course I will too but) even when I know those other songs dances aswell... I just felt so proud that I learnd this one in one day (today, yeah now you know what I do on my free time XD) So here it goes....

Niki.. I wanted to visit you this weekend but yeah, you now know the why I didn't... but I have planned to go... in two weeks??? I think it's around 10 dec??? I don't know ut yeah So be prepared XD

EDIT: To not spam... I'll just post it here XD... I had nothing better to do.. So.. lets dance XD

EDIT 2: Last of the night promise XD

Wrong number
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[QCP] Oh My Hina!!!

Attention!! Attention!!

This is a QCP

Quick Crack Post


Murakami Shingo


Special apparence of

The real "BABUN"

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Special remarks:

I just wanted to say the DVD is total awesomeness!!! I love it, they've grown so much. The band performances, everything, even the dancing is more mature!! The dokkiri is cruel but Oh I'm loving it XD
I would love to say more but I'm lazy... EITO OWNS... and CRACK!!

I'm in Germany!!!!!

First of all... Thanks everyone for supporting me!!
It's nice to see so many people caring about me ^__________^
 Love u all

So. Yeah, I'm in Germany, now that I'm here, and even when my german sucks and I've been here for only two days...I'm already forgetinng english hahahaha Sersly, when I try to think in another language I can only think in german at the moment it's takin my whole concetration here.

So I would like to write a whole report about my trip and all but it wont be this time.. cuz this is a borrowed laptop and I can't upload pics here and i  want to do so XD

Ryo yeah

Guess Who!!!!

Quick up:

I've got my Visa!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I'll be probably leaving by next week!!
Uwaaaa.... I need to buy presents for the family... and maybe a book about "How to take care of children... when you've forgot the language" XD

Right now I'm feeling like this      O__________________O



I totally don't understand how internet works...

Since the year started I haven't been able to open BOX.NET... It simply don't work and I've tried to look at solutions in google but nothing looks like it's only me who has this problem... So the music I had there is lost =_=....

AND NOW... Imageshak.us is dead for me.... I can't see any picture loaded there not even the offial page load. This problem is only in my mom's laptop, it has Vista, but it's only until recent, maybe few days back that imageshak wont work on my mom's laptop....

In other news... I need to learn discipline. I had to design a website about and animal, you only had to do two pages but with many buttons and stuff haha I did it on record time (it was three weeks to do it),.. I did on sunday 10pm and finished it on monday right before going to class and show it to the teacher XDDDDD (I did the same for last time we had to do a website, that one was eito's!!! wish I coudl show it to you, maybe screencap it??? but the you wont see my lovely buttons and flash animation in action XD)

AHHHHH:.. anyway, do you guys know wat's happening with box.net?????
Eito walk

Sorry, I had to do it...

Another Puzzle Review YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

At the moment I’m not sure if I can make a top 3 not even top 5 fave songs… but here’s what I feel about each song. :D

Overall I like how each of their albums are different from each other. Styles change from album to album, but you can still feel it has the Kanjani8 mark to them. AH they are so unique :D

If you read this... Please be aware of my lame jokes :D It had to have my mark yo!


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Finally I think this album deserves a screencap entry… Sadly I won’t be doing it today or tomorrow… maybe next week. I am supposed to have a Website ready for Monday… I haven’t even started… Guess about what is it going to be……… Fuhuhuhu

THANK YOU KANJANI8!!! This is what I was needing from you to remind me why I love you so much!!! Sorry to the not believers… I’m into this Johnny’s group because of their music!!!

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[Tutorial] Make-up: Sexy Grey

What???? Me? Doing a make-up tutorail????? EHHHHHHHHH?.... Well it was for the sake of not let myself die out of boredom.... XD

How to Make-Up! Sexy Grey Eyes

Something I’m very proud of, are my eyes. So for my make-up, they are always main “bento” XD, my make-up is always focused on my eyes. It IS very rare of me to show myself without make-up... but I did it for the sake of a good before and after XD....

What you will need

-         Foundation and concealer

-         Loose powder and a dark powder (one that goes well with your skin color for shadowing)

-         2 different blush colors, light pink for highlights and a darker one for cheeks.

-         A grey shadows palette

-         Lip pencil or lipstick and gloss.

-         I bet this make-up looks great with circle eye lenses. I sadly don’t have them so… But if you do, you go girl!!!



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Waaaah!!! That was a lot of work. Hope you enjoyed it.
Questions??? Requests maybe?? :D?

I will love to see your results if you ever try this out ^_^