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TVXQ has become some sort of religion...

Not to me... it´s just something I wanted to say.

This reading might make you laugh, cry, maaad, bore you, amuse you, you might even want to kill me or simply do absolutly nothing, but if you do take the time to read wha´s inside my crazy head and understand what I´m saying even if a little... YOU`RE AWESOME!!! <3

This is about the war between JYJ and TVXQact2 fans... More like the hardcore ones...

You might get offended but then think it might wasn´t directed to you.

Now, let´s think about the situation in the fandom at the moment.

TVXQ has become some sort of religion... why????

Let´s say, TVXQ is an ancient religion, with 5 gods.

The Donbangshikismus was peaceful until the 5 gods split becuz of different opinions on, let´s say how to "rule" the world... :D?
Three went in search for answers, and found out that the existing way of ruling wasn´t right,  and two stayed because, let´s say, they felt it was righteous thing to do.

We as the religion followers don´t understand and will never know the truth behind each the decision, if there are any hidden truth, but we chose which one to believe in.

Really! If we say, JYJ is a religion that came from the old TVXQsmus and Hominum or 2VXQsmus is the new ancient religion. Each have their followers, and those followers believe they chose the right one.

Why comparision with religions?... Which religion has the true god? Are christians right for believing in Jesus? Or is it Buddah? Or were the Greechs wrong by believing in so many gods? Or is Ala the right god? Or you name your god. But it doesn´t matter, we believe.

heheh I know it all sounds funny and it is shallow to compare a boyband with gods. But this is how big, fans had turned this whole issue!!!

I admit it. I´m JYJ side. AND NO. I don´t bash Homin. I don´t know if they will one day be together, but the truth TVXQ as 5 was the best. The 2 or the 3 could never do such a beautiful harmony like they did when they were together. Try make them sing Love in the Ice or Bolero, it doesn´t work, does it? To me JYJ have the best vocals, (personal opinion of course), but the three have all very similar range, Yoochun being the lowest or deepest voice, Homin have what the other 3 are missing and vice versa... THAT is FACT!!! I don´t need anything else but a song to proof that!!! A song is a proof!!! And I have them, and I didn´t need to search much to find that proof (ok enough about proves, later we´ll talk about facts and proves and you´ll see why my hyperness for talking about facts and proves)

But again why the comparision?.... Well, I do read both sides comments (more like TrueTvxq, Allkpop, Jyj3, Jyjfiles and soompi forums), those who follow JYJ and those who follow Homin. I read both stands!!
And that´s where you can see how far it has gone. Fans from "opposite" "religions" write almost the exact same comments!
Ok not all of them. But both sides are 100% sure THEY are 100% RIGHT, the other side hasn´t woken up to the reality (they are traitors, money hungry, blind followers, slaves, you name it). And those standing in the middle, just watchin the situation, not yet deciding which side to take part of, have to believe in THEIR (the whichever side) position becuz they are the ones right. It´s like turning an atheist into christian or jew XD No I´m not saying JYJ or TVXQ is any of those religions (respect to all the religions in the world!). Because the hate amount in many fans comments is.... devil! LOL But you´re getting what I mean, right?

Sad to say... JYJ and Homin aren't that important... Don't you see it.? Supporting them has become the second priority, IF it's even a priority. The first is "revealing the truth", which means, discredit everything the other stan has side because that's a lie and we have proves. The second is bashing, so yeah, supporting the guys isn't even second.

Reason for bashing bzw. for discrediting = "They started first!!"
we can't let them pull us down... and that's how the war begins, let's get ready to the rumbleeeeeee!!

Wishing someone to go to hell would be better, but it´s like they wish bad and "karma" (and by karma I´m sure they mean get aids, ebola and some uncurable desease, total ruin and putrafaction (did I just made that word?)) to the member, his family, all their descendants, his fans, the descendants of his fans and anyone who dares to believe in their word. (OK that came from Homin fans in Truetvxq but I´m sure I´ve read as bad as this one comming from JYJ fans, I HAVE, those JYJ fans aren´t any better, yes in soompi, a really JYJ hardcore fan, is great that she shares info but she´s really mean to Homin, and me doesn´t likey) I´m not generalizing, but it´s so. I told you so XD If curious go there, there´s my proof xD  BUT I warn you if you have a weak personality you might end up being turned xD I haven´t sorry, I´m a blind JYJ fans like they are probably gonna call me, or franatic fan or something like that.

Many of each side followers blindly believes in it. I say blindly even when you´re going to refute it by saying "NOOOOO, I read FACTS!!! And they are FACTS because I found them in (you name it) fan cafe, insider, idol said so, lawyer, his my favorite, it´s a blog from a fan who gets the best information, what eveeeeer". It doesn´t matter, because each side is 100% sure they have the actual facts.... yup.

And really, I've been lured to make screencaps of comments comming from both sides because they said the same with different Stan Title!!! I really LOL because here, i might say a lot of poop :D, but here I'm definitely not lying. I wonder if those "opposite" fans found the other comment that says the same would start fighting because the other "stole her wrods" . (>´°o°`<)

Haven´t you seen how both sides try everything to spread their words of truth??? And both sides try desperatly to say the other one is lying??

You think the problem is only is JYJ vs. Homin fans? Oh no!!  I actually went to soompi because I wanted to make sure what I say it at least partially true :D. So.. there the respective Threads stay as much as posible away from drama.... But go to the OT5 thread, there´s drama because people isn´t being OT5 enough!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA
It´s impossible to find new things to share that have the five in it without having anything to do with the lawsuit. But then fights starts because a lot of post have JYJ in them and don´t share much about Homin. News! Most fans even those AKTF ones have biases!!! And that is not WRONG!! it´s natural. But you might thing it only now? Noooou, even before the whole lawsuit drama exploted there was drama because the thread was too biased XD TOO MUCH JAEJOONG!! OMG PLEASE STOP this is a OT5 not a Jeajoong thread, and on and on and on blah blah bla. Drama has always been in the fandom XD

I just want to say to international fans, don´t be easly bought by someone who says they have actual facts, the other ones are liers, disguising the truth, and all that poop. Believe in your decision without the need to bringing the other ones down.  You liked them before, and yes, we don´t know them in person, but look at me, I´m a JYJ biased fan but I like Homin, I just don't like the fans that hate one JYJ :D I don´t try to convert anyone. JYJ and Homin didn´t do anything wrong, they just chose their own paths. Beacuse we don´t agree with the other decision do we have to hate them? Wish their ruin? Wish them to disappear from the intertainment world? Many say "when the true comes out..." then let it come out. you don´t need to force it, if it´s like that it will just happend. Homin fans say JYJ fans spread rumors, JYJ fans say Homin spread rumors, it´s like what came first, the egg of the hen/chicken? Then homin fans say I have proves that JYJ fans started it, and JYJ fans will say I have prove that Homin fans started it... Don´t you see it? It´s never ending, like that movie... what movie?

If you´re a fan of either one, JYJ or 2VXQ or even OT5, and read this till the end, maybe reading this didn´t do you anything, but I hope it did.
What is it???

Fan wars amuse me :D I can´t stop myself from getting involved xD

I know I´m not as active in the JPOP/Kanjani8 fandom, I´m not active in any I just like reading the drama. But I remember how in the JPOP fandom you would be warned about the drama in KPOP fandom. It´s sooooo true!!! Be careful, this is with death wishes and all that spice and sugar. And it comes from both francs!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

Oh and... I still looooove my What the heck icon <3<3 Kanjani8 is soooooooo peaceful? Why can't be others like that?... A little bit crazy, chaotic maybe,sometimes with drama, but always with tons of fun.
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