Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote,

New Blog... But I'm not leaving!!!

Yes I opened a new blog...
Are you curious????? Then keep reading!!

... Ooooh.... I still love that icon.. no matter how many year have passed... it still as awesom as always XD

BUT that one is so that I don't spam your flist with beauty stuff...

You heard me *cough*read it*cough* right!! I have a Beauty Blog now... and for inaguration.. I will spam you with two tutorail

Don't worry my friends who are subscribe to my current channel (though, I'm not sure why would you if I haven't uploaded any K8 vids in centuries..... *bricked for not doing so*) so yeah... new blog, new/different YT channel, both exclusively for Beauty...

Half Odango Hair do!! (clicky, click!!)

Romantic/Cute... Perfect for a date!!  (clicky, clicky!!)

Stay tune if you liked it!! :D

So yeah... you wont get rid of me that easly!!! Bwahahahahahah!!!

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Tags: blog, tutorial: hair

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