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Happy Valetine!!~~♥♥

Konban One-Two!! 

Why is it, that I always post at night? I wanna say Konnichi One-Two yo~!

Happy Valetine, minnasama!!~~♥♥

Ahhh, Love is in the air....Ok... maybe it isn't Valetine in my country yet... but it is in the other have of the world and love Vendy gave us, Eighters, a love valentine's present!! 

SHIRTLESS EITO!!! KYAAAA~~~~~~!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Sorry Ryo-chan, you're not the only Sexy Osaka man... couse there's Eito, THE Sexy Osaka Men!! 
Did I ever mention my obsession for shirtless sexy men???!! Here are some of the best examples!!

I know this isn't christmas.... but you still get presents, right? So... Can I have him? Please, very very please?? I don't need chocolates, don't worry, srsly.... I just want him!!!
I think he has my fave birthmarks ever (if you can have a fave on... and for not to say moles cuz I don't like that word)... the one on his neck and the one of his chest... but I would be honour to find others *evil grinn* Ok this migh get kind of... let's say is not for minors!!
Ok... I love Subaru.... what can I say.... I've been having this dream about him, having me against the wall... Now I can make more realistic XD I'm sure next time I dream about him the first thing I'm gonna do is to rip his clothes off... Shibuyan, it's my turn to rape you!! 
I wanna grab him by the hair (that sexy messy hair) and kiss those gorgeous lips I wanna taste every inch of his body!! Did I ever told you that I think he and Imai Tsubasa has the most gorgeous eyes in JE?

Yeah, he may be short.... but he's also HOT!!! I mean who cares about the height, if you have everything a girl want and desires??? Let's face it: Cute doesn't mean you're lace of Sexyness... and Yasu proves it!!! *drooling*... *Inner thoughts* I bet it would be great to have a kiss from those lips.....* I don't know why, I can actually sense the feeling of hugging this guy, like actually touching him, like skin to skin.. and you know... it feels soooo soft XD To me his the best dancer in Eito.... he sure can move it, if you know what I mean!! LOL

Ryo did you lose weight?? You lost against Subaru this time... you're too thin....... But that doesn't take your sexy-sexual-ero-hottness away!! Hey you have a birthmark on you chest almost in the exact place as Baru!! I don't know why, maybe is the fame of sexy hentai Ryo has that makes me think he could be such a gooooood lover...... Like if he was reaaaally good in bed? Sugebe!!
Oh BTW.... this is the Gift for my Niki-chan!! Niki-chan, how do you want it? Do you want him now or to take??

I've always though about Maru as the perfect man for being hug... like hold me in his arms, I would feel so secure and protected, like there's no place better than his arms!! I have this sort of fetish for beautiful necks and a necklaces; for some reason when I look at his neck the only thing that comes to my mind is to lick it!!... wait...  Maru-chan.... is that a tan-mark on your arm? LOL

Tell me if this isn't happening to you too right now... I think Ohkura is calling me... and he is saying... "I'll let you count all my moles" LOL LMAO... no that wasn't it.... he saying.... "I just bought a new bed, and it's double, wanna try it??" or maybe he just want to confuse us all and he's actually sayin something like "You can see but never touch" If that's a rule, I'll definitely break it!!

Is it just me, or does Hina has the perfect body? I mean THE BODY!!! I can so imagine myself resting my head in that chest after a pasionate night!! Don't you just wanna go and kiss that collarbone? You know what they say of good sport players and dancers??? ^__^ They are amazing in bed!!!! Just like Yasu, he sure can move it!! *evil grinn* I wish I could have a personal dance session, ne Hina-chan!

How come that Sexyness and comedy get along soooooo well, HUh? Those pouty lips.... the dark eyes...... the collarbone (oh yeah, I love collarbones) OMG I'm being Hypnotize by Sexy Evil Yoko!! Try looking at him more that five second and you're totaly lost!!! Have you seen him in Haikei Chichiue-sama??? Just in the second episode he already apeares nacked!!! Kyaaaaaa..... he was with Ninomiya.... but Nina had anything to do against Yuu-chin!! When Yoko apeared in boxer shorts.... I was like.... ZOMG!!!!!! go and watch it!!!!! NOW

Interesting... yesterday me and novemberchic  were complaing because there weren't too many eito shirtless pics!! Looks like someone listened to my prays 0(^___^)0 Like I said on my entry.... keep praying!, cuz maybe... there's a Kitagawa spy among us ROLF

And now I present to you.... the King of Nudity!!

Do I really need to say something?????????????? OMG

And because I'm not gonna post my whole nacket Gaku-chan collection...

Happy Valentine!! and sweet dreams ~~♥♥♥♥

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