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[Guitar Chords] Heavenly Psycho - Ryo's Version

Ooooh Sorry it's took me this long.. I was too lazy to type them... Yeah... How can someone be so lazy for years when the song is so short.??????? There you have the definition of Laura XD

Heavenly Psycho - Ryo's Version

(Since I don't have any design program in my laptop at the moment... let's just have sexy Ryo and the Guitar)

Read the special notes if you don't understand some chords, I hope it helps ^___^

Heavenly Psycho - Ryo's Version

Capo: 2


A                             E                              A                    *D
itsumo yume ni erabarenaimama hi ga nobori shizundeyuku hibi

A             E                                  Bm                             D
soko ni boku no sugata ga nakudemo sekai wa kantan ni mawatta

Fm                          E                D
demo koushite tsunaida te hitori janai ne

                     Bsus2                    F#                          G#m               E         F#
mune ni Heavenly Psycho ima wa mirai ni mukau michi no tochuu da

Bsus2                         G#m                  D#m       E  F#   Bsus2
namida ni sae mo tomadou kotonaku negai wo utau


                         Bsus2                  F#                       G#m     E     F#
yume ni Heavenly Psycho sakenda koe dake ga sora ni hiita

 Bsus2                         G#m                    D#m   E    F#  Bsus2
dakara nankai mo tameshitemirunda kibou no uta

E     F#  Bsus2
kibou no uta



Notes: Remember, it has capo in the second tab. So yeah just start counting from there the chords.

*Bsus2: I have it like this becuz you could also play B if it's easier for you... Ryo actually plays Bsus2 though...



Anything else you might need help don't be afraid to ask :D

Enjoy playing along Ryo!!!

Question... Are post in Eden bein moderated now???? I think I can't post there O_O
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