Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote,

It livessss... LIIIIIIVESSS!!!

Yeah... I'm back baby!!!! My lovely Niki helped me!! I stole her sleep, she spend lots of hours fixing it, and we went to bed around 4 am!! and I had to be in the train station at 8am... of course Niki went to say goodbye... Thank you my lovely Niki!!! You know.. I love watching our Between Friends video, the one for your Bday... That's exactly our friendship. <3

BTW... Here are some vids I would like to share of me singing XD

Ayaka Te wo Tsunagou Cover

Bolder Thing to Do -  Gregory and the Hawk

Like Daddy like Daughter - Gregory and the Hawk (I'm all sweaty... I was dancing b4 that XD)

So... hmmm... Hmmm.. Few news about my life:

- I was in Paris for New Year!!!!! Yeah baby... Paris *party*, Let's Paris *party*, It's Paris *party* time
- I didn't get into any uni, so there's a possibility of me, going back home... Don't want to though...
- I've met Niki two times already!!! Yeahhhh!!!
- Tomorrow is my bday and I will be spending it (at least morning) in the hair salon, I'll dye my hair... Can't really make it lighter cuz it will be too expensive, so I guess it will only be another shade of brown... not a big change sadly.. which brings us to...

I want to learn how to dye my own hair, not only with costumer dyers, better if it's pro ones (those you can get in hair supply stores), but wow it's so much theory, bleaching, develorpers, toners... Do I have anyone in my Flist that knows alot about this????? I need help XD

Last but not least... Thank you guysm for ur supporting comments, it's nice to know you guys care!! Love u all!!! *chu*
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