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Another Puzzle Review YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

At the moment I’m not sure if I can make a top 3 not even top 5 fave songs… but here’s what I feel about each song. :D

Overall I like how each of their albums are different from each other. Styles change from album to album, but you can still feel it has the Kanjani8 mark to them. AH they are so unique :D

If you read this... Please be aware of my lame jokes :D It had to have my mark yo!


o1 一秒 KISS ♥♥♥
Really like this one!! The guitar at the beginning is really cool, and then you think it’s going to be a song like Kanashii Koi XD but then it’s more rockish and fun!!! It’s really catchy… nice piece! And you reaaaaally want Ohkura to kiss (I neeeeed you, I miiiiiss you, I kiss you.. YES PLEASE!!) you in his solo parts LOLOL Everyone sounds really cool


Not on my top fave list but you start getting a nice feeling on the chorus. It has an old Eito song feeling at first too… And don’t kill me for this, but it remind me a lot to KAT-TUN and NEWS music at parts too... Don’t know why... But really it’s good and nice to listen to, again specially the chorus.

パズル ♥♥♥
Read the lyrics translation… Beautiful song. Thank you, Saito Kazuyoshi for seeing through them and really writing something they can identify with. It has somewhat of an old style feeling to it. But really nice, soft lovely voices. While listening you feel as if it were a cover of a top artist song, really. Saito Kazuyoshi… my respects.
I don’t know what about you… but Maru’s voice almost got me teary… so full of passion and emotion. I have the feeling that maybe some of them will get teary while singing this at concerts…

o4 渇いた花
I like the guitars XD I have to give it few seconds to sink into me, but it’s definitely nice. It makes me think of them singing at night in a party at the beach for some reason XD

ゴリゴリ ♥♥♥
LOVE THIS ONE!!! I like the bass, the guitars, the drums… Their voices!!!! The meaning in the lyrics, what I could catch of them XD It’s deeeeefinitely one of my favotire songs!!! The chorus gets me sooo hyper and at the same time makes me think of life… O_O amajing XD The ending is just WOW Let’s us take our own paths and keep going STRAIGHT!!

イッツ マイ ソウル(KJ3 MIX
The voices are the same XD It isn’t really a big change but this single was really nice so XD It’s still fun to listen to. It’s more the intruments what changed I think…… And the chorus harmonizing voices soung stronger? They should added the 47 dvd mix OOOOOh It’s my.. OOOOOh it’s my… repetition XD

o7 ローリング・コースター ♥♥♥
Oh!!!... Really like it (I listen to each while I write XD) Hahaha actually I think of Flumpool while listening to this XD NIIIICE XD Seriously give it a try to Flumpool’s music and you will get what I mean!! Ohhh nice Ryoooo!!! Hahaha then I was thinking of Perfume XD This song is awesome. *add to top list* Yay for Subaru’s WOW!!

o8 My Last Train
Starts very 50’s style… Dramatic voices (I really like Ohkura’s voice…) Subaru got all his “crying” voice out. Oldy POWER!! XD Subaru is right… Hina’s voice always sound the same XDDDD I was kinda worried I wouldn't like it, after reading some reviews… but I actually do *it’s really hard to not like what Eito does, they are awesome* Seriously is there any music style they can’t handle????? They break genre, time and style barriers XD

How not to love this song?????????? Impossible *starts dancing* HA! I can’t help but moving my hips to the guitar XDDD *remembers Subaru doing the same move at SCP perf*

1o ブリュレ
OHHHH nice sound!! Has me moving from the start… Loving the guitars!!! Nice voices, Baru’s using his more youngish voice. WOW. It’s not completely pop’ish not completely rock… NICE!!! *Adds to faves* It’s definitely something new in Eito’s music. Great choice!!! *starts baking cookies for Puzzle’s producers and special brownies for Eito*

It actually makes me think of this Smap song KAT-TUN sang on SC in 2005.01.09, Fly is the title (in case you want to find it)… BUT it doesn’t mean I don’t like this one.. I do XD Actually the resembles is only during the chorus :3.. maybe only at the beginning of the chorus XD  Hehe Sorry Sorry XD Ok it doesn’t resembles that much XD *what did I drink??*

Wowowow.. I like how it starts!!! FUUUUUN!! Ooooh Cool!! The chorus is really cool. Ha! You can tell a song likes me if it got me dacing from the start… I’m moving yo!!! I’m not sure if they play it as band… But I’m expecting a nice dance in the chorus to do it along with them ^_^ I don’t know whyyyyy… But I was thinking of Ninja Turtles while listening to it… Srsly don’t know why.

Come on, Jounetsu Paaaaaaati! XD I like it… sounds nice. Definitely in the band session… I keep seeing Yasu playing the guitar here and bending forward to the crowd while singing like he does, you know, and how he taps the floor with one foot XD Oh I want to see Maru doing the bass part with Ryo!!! Nice final chorus.


My mom actually has the KetaKeta part as her ringtone!!!!!!!! YUP This is one of my moms fave songs XD

I want this one to be played as band session too… Maybe Baru doing the harmonica (but I would like Yoko to learn it so he can be playing the harmonica XD In that case I’ll give Baru the acoustic guitar)... Ryo on the acoustic guitar and Yasu playing the electric. Nice laid back song. You know, they just sitting or standing on stage.



Solo Songs

Words/Subaru ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ooooooh definitely not expecting this!!!!!! UWAAAAAAH!!!!! Fast tempo!! Nice. I really like it!!! YEAH SUBARUUUUUUUU! A change in Subaru’s style for his solo. Great song, it sounds so, let’s do it right here right now (give it the meaning you want to what I just said XD :D) I’m giving tons of hearts to this song!!! Yeah! Amazing how Subaru wrote the lyrics right at the moment…


Are! Leah Dizoooon!! *bricked* LOL Sorry I had to do it XD Very Idolish… Is it Jin “HA HA”? Koda Kumi? Ayumi Hamasaki???? And… even when I don’t listen to Kpop… Why am I think of it?? Just kidding… This song is cooooool. You want to dance with Ohkura… among other nice things XDD I soo want to see him moving his hips to this song!... I love it!!

Aira Iro / Yasu

Oh oh… Nice guitars… Love how it starts with Yasu’s soft voice. It makes me dance!!! So unexpected of Yasu… I was expecting a Watashi Kagami 2 XD but yeah!!! This is just what I needed of you!! What else could have you expect of such a great and talented musician like Yasu. YASUUUUUUUU!!! *remember his my art, guitar/music inspiration, it was becuz of him I started to play the guitar*

One Shadow / Hina

Oh sounds nice. But tell me, the voices at the beginning are chorists right? XD I can’t imaging Hina going all Oooohoooohwoooow. Ehhhhhh.. I like it. I can see Hina dancing really cool to this song. Maybe in a suit? Kyaaaaaa. With a hat! Smooth Criminal*ish style XD Give it a try Hina XD LOL 

I srsly don’t know how to write the romanized title of Maru’s song

Wanshan Ronpin / Maru

Jungle???? Disney!! Lion KING!!!! Hahahah Fart??? Iiipa!! LOLOLOL Ubalaaaa!! Funny When I read a review of this song I thought I was going to be disappointed XD This song makes me happy. I really find it weird I haven’t written anything wrong about this album, and I thought at least it would be this one O_O I sound beased towards Eito. But srsly, This song is fun. Happy. Listen to it while your sad or mad. Maybe it would irritate you instead but at least you will forget why you were mad XDDD Upapapa Upapapa

413 MAN

What’s up with these guys???????? They’ve all come up with unexpected music for me!!!! Yoko you sound so goooood. This style was so unexpected from Yoko!! I’m loving this song. Uwaah doing a fave list of this solo album songs it’s hard. But I think this one must be on my top 5 list… YOKOOOOOOOOOOOO! No, thank you Yoko *is going crazy*


Half Down / Ryo

Ryo, let me shake your hand. Good job. You manage to write an easier song to sing XDDDD *bricked* I so want to play this on guitar. Again a nice surprise. Love the violins in this song. But srsly, how can you expect a bad song from this guy. Great song.



UNIT Sonds/Videos

Glorious /  Subaru, Ryo & Ohkura

O_O…… I LOVE IT Hahahaha… I was worried I wouldn’t. I do. It has this western ballad style, doesn’t it. But the truth is, they are lying to us… That is not english. Is a rare language spoken only in the Islands of Sumisu, similar to english, but not quite XDDDD I want to see it live and count the times they miss the word XD *evil* But really I like the song, their voices sound beautiful and as I was expecting, and we all know, they fit perfectly to each others voices. OH and yes… They look GLORIOUS in the PV. *dies* I literally screamed when I saw Subaru’s cooking profile, with his hair falling on the sides of his face…. Kyaaaaaaa. Pleeease let me flail some more!!


Kicyu / Yasu & Yoko

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I’m loooove with this songs and the video.

When I first watch the short clips of this song, I was thinking that maybe the sound would be happy’sh in a child kind of way, but then YASU!!! You made a great great job in this song’s music. And I’ve always like Yoko’s lyrics, he may use childish/silly words but they are really nice ^_^ AHHHHH I so want to see this live!!!! I need to convert this vid in mp4 for my Zune!!! (Actually have to do that for all eito and Gackt’s pvs… XD) Uwaaaaaah *gives cookies to the animation makers*
BTW: Be carefull of huge walking Lips!!!!!!!!


You can see / Maru & Hina

WOW… Sexy video. (But it looks as if Hina can keep his serious face, it’s true… look carefully, his lips curl at the ends XD) Is it just me of did they spent more money in these videos than in any other of Eito’s??? They are soooo good, it’s really too bad they wont be showing them on TV. But it’s a great give for those who purchase the album. AHHH Maru just wink at meeee *dies* Even when Maru writes happy songs for his solos, he write such cool songs like Hoshi mono wa and You can see too. Ah Maru you’re a box full of surprises, aren’t you *pinch his cheeks* Sooooorry, I can’t keep myself from having naghty thoughts of Maru’s exploding thingie. Cool song with sexy video, perfect combi. Not to mention it has the best ending ever, trust me.


Finally I think this album deserves a screencap entry… Sadly I won’t be doing it today or tomorrow… maybe next week. I am supposed to have a Website ready for Monday… I haven’t even started… Guess about what is it going to be……… Fuhuhuhu

THANK YOU KANJANI8!!! This is what I was needing from you to remind me why I love you so much!!! Sorry to the not believers… I’m into this Johnny’s group because of their music!!!

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