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[Guitar Chords] Kimi Iro - Flumpool

I wrote the lyrics by ear so we may have a problem, since 1. I’m not Japanese, and 2. I don’t speak Japanese.
If there’s anyone who would like to help me with the lyrics it would be great. No I haven’t found the lyrics anywhere and that’s why I post two YT links where you can find videos of them playing the song.
You can watch two live perfs, one acoustic and on radio, and the other at QUATTRO con. Here and Here

Kimi Iro


Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7
Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7

C              G     Am        Em      F
Ah Kizukeba tonari ni kimi ga ite
 Dm7             G              Em     Am
Natsu no yakei ni sotto mi yudane te
     F      G      C
te wo tsunaideta
Fmaj7              G*
Hayaku kimi ni tsutae nakucha
Em              Am
tamaranaku itooshii tte
Fmaj7      G*                             Em
sono koboreru kimi no emi mo
(Em)        G G1 G7
                  C         G          Am    Em         F
Kota nado nai tada kimi no koto suki ni natteta
Em        Dm7   G
afureru omoi ga
         C     G          Am   C7        F   Fm
kimi de kono sekai ga irozuiteiku
kimi iro ni
Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7
C               G
ah uchi ageta
Am          Em     F
hanabi ni sotto futari
Dm7       G          Em      Am
kata yose atte nana iro no sora
     F      G         C
mitsumete ita ne
Fmaj7               G*
boku ga miseru sono shigusa mo
 Em            Am
arifureta kotabatachi mo
Fmaj7        G*                              Em
kimi ni utsuru sono subete mo
(Em)G G1 G7
                     C     G                Am   Em   F
sono hitomi de boku no hou mite waraette iru
Em               Dm7   G
kurayami no naka de
          C     G      Am    C7      F Fm
kimi ni tsutaetakute tsutaetakute
give me your love
Am Fmaj7 G* Gadd9 Cmaj7 Em
Am Fmaj7 G* Gadd9 Cmaj7 Em
Fmaj7                    G*                 Em     G G1 G7
shinpi teki na asahi ga mata sora e
                   C          G          Am    Em       F
kotae nado nai tada kimi no koto suki ni natteta
Em        Dm7   G
afureru omoi ga
           C     G      Am   C7        F
kimi de kono sekai ga irozuite iku
Em           Dm7   G
orangi de tsuki ga sotto
          C     G              Am   Em     F
futari no nagai kage mo kasane awase
Em       Dm7      G
ai suru yorokobi wo
(missing chords right here XD)
ima wa kanjiru dake
             F G
soshite itsuka
           C G Am Em F Em Dm7 G
kimi iro ni
C G Am C7 F Fm
Cmaj7 Fmaj7 Cmaj7 Fmaj7


Need some chord tutorial??


Notes: There are some chords I World like to explain for two resons, even when I like for easy chord, well, find, maybe it’s better for me to show you the chords some might not understand because of the many variations it has on the site, so I’ll give you the way I use, and the second reason is beacuase I’m using two chords that don’t appear in that site, maybe they don’t exist but I know Ryuuta and Kazuki use them on the acoustic guitars.
There is a G sequence before the chorus:
 Fingers       G                     G1         G7
Pinky          [-3-]                [-3-]       [-1-]
                  [-0-]      index [-1-]       [-0-]
                  [-0-]                [-0-]       [-0-]
                  [-0-]                [-0-]       [-0-]
Ring          [-2-]                 [-2-]       [-2-]
Middle       [-3-]                 [-3-]       [-3-]
That G1 is because I couldn’t find it, so it’s just an arrangement, I think.

Now the G* is like a Gadd9 but without the last string being tab…

Gadd9          G*
[-5-]             [-0-]
[-3-]             [-3-]
[-4-]             [-4-]
[-5-]             [-5-]
[-0-]             [-0-]
[-0-]             [-0-]
If there is any other chord you want me to explain just tell me and I’ll add more tabs.

... That's it... I just want to spread the Flumpool love <333

EDIT: Thanks Mimi-chan (see comments) for the original lyrics.. but neee mimi, i wasn't that faaaar away, my listening isn't bad, huh!!! Yay me XD BUT THANK YOU MIMI!!


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