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[Guitar Chords] KAT-TUN's Real Face (Yasuda Shota's version)

Long time since I posted guitar chords huh.... 
EHHHHH? Not eito chords????? EHHHH??? KAT-TUN'S???????
YUP XD But... it's played by Yasu on 818 so it counts too XD

Real Face Guitar Chords - Shota's version XD

- I'm sharing the mp3 rip just so that you can follow the sturming so..
- Don't ask for the original or any  link, sorry, I won't be replying to any request like that, you know I'm not a bitch (am I?????) but I can't give you more than that.
- It's only a short version you can always add more verses if you want to ^^
- I made a table with the guitar chords, for beginners... but I guess you need to be a master in doodles to read that XD I just wanted everyone to play along ^3^
-Regarding the tabs, I don't know in what case could that be but... Credit if using

Real Face - Yasuda Shota version

Cm           A#/Bbadd9             D#/Ebadd9     
giri giri de itsu mo ikite itai kara
F       G#  A#            Cm        G#      A#         G#
saa  omoikkiri buchi yaburou riaru wo te ni ireru n da

asufaruto wo keri tobashite
Badd9                                  A
taikutsu na yoru ni doroppu kikku shita tsumori 
Badd9     E
subete karaburi... 
tekitoo na nori de bakkurete
arienee uso narabetatte
A      Badd9      C#m
sekai kaerare ya shinai...

yume wo miru furi shitereba
(J.O.K.E.R K.O geki ni naru)
G#              A(h)           B(h)
nanka otona ni nareru ki ga shite
(Ai-Yo keihou narase kazase te wo)
 F#m              G#
shitauchi wo shita
(teichou ni yobe yo)

C#m            Badd9          E
giri giri de itsu mo ikite itai kara
F#            A         Badd9    E    G#
Ah   koko wo ima tobi dashite yukou ze
C#m            Badd9          E
kono namida nageki mirai e no step
F#     A       Baad      C#m
saa  omoikkiri buchi yaburou
           A       Baad      C#m
riaru wo te ni ireru n da 

Here are the chords, if you can understand my writting (drawing? XD)
In some parts I wrote B(high) and A(h) meaning they are well higher sounding chords barred, and up?... w/e you can see them here
 Click to enlarge

And as for the strumming... Yasu will tell you how should it sound XD

Yasu singing and playing Real Face mp3:  MF link

Eh?... Was this my first Kat-tun realated entry??? No?.... Can't remember... 


Tags: guitar chords, kat-tun, yasuda shota

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