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Kanjani8 guitar chords -Onigishi

ONIGISHI FOR GUITAR [Fixed jan.6.09]

Note: This aren't the actual chords of the song, and either the lyrics (it's a mix between what I can read in Japanese and listening) so for japanese native: Sorry for the mistakes... and for the guitar players, well sorry too ^^U... any mistake you find let me know... 
Still with all my mistakes, I do hope you all enjoy it


  G                              D               C              G
sonna boku mo itsu shika otona ni natteta yo

              G                         B7     C                                     D
demo okaachan ni totte wa  itsumade mo kodomo nandane

(guitar intro) 

G D C ( C9 C ) [1]
G D C ( C9 ) [2]


  G                       D                  C                   G
chiisai toki no bokutte onigiritte kotoba mo

G                     D                        C                    D
rokuni ie na katta ne itsumo itsumo onigishitte itteta

Bm                C                          D                     G
onnade hitotsu de sodate tekureta okaachan

             Bm                               C                    D (*)
sono seika boku no sanai koro no yumette

[Yoko] boku okaachan kekkon sunnen!


   G                                     D               C              G
sonna boku mo itsu shika  otona ni natteta yo

                 G                         B7     C                                     D
demo okaachan ni totte wa  itsumade mo kodomo nandane

  G                      D                     C     G
okaachan no ikikata  ganbaru  koto

           G                   D          C D
boku wa ganbaru wo      ze        ippai

ganbatteru   yo

(guitar, just like the intro)

G D C ( C9 C )*
G D C ( C9 )*

 Bb[*]               C                         Dm [3]
ano toki no koto oboeteru kana?

           Bb                                  F
boku ga tomodachi ni uragirarete

G [4]                     C
kuyashi katteru toki

  Bb                    C                               Dm [3]
uragirareta jibun wo kuyashi nara

           Bb                                F
shinjita jibun wo homenasaitte

  G[4]                C
ittekureta kotoba

    Bb                 F                     G                C               F
demo sono ato tomodachi wo donari chirashita ne

okaachan, boku wa nani shite agereta?

yasashikatta? motto isshyo ni waraitakatta na

demo mou sore mo osoi yanna

okaachan wa tanoshikatta kana?

yappari boku onigiri yanakute

onigishi ga tabetai nen!

(2d chorus)

  G                              D               C                                    G
onigishi ga tabetai yo   onigishi shika dame nandayo

                   G                           B7                C  D
chyotto shyoppai onigishi wo zugutte yo

  G                              D               C                                    G
onigishi ga tabetai yo  onigishi shika dame nandayo

              G                     D                    C     D
umare kawatta  ramatta onigishi wo

                 G   G7
zugutte ne

             C  D              G
yappari       onigishi

[Yoko] onigishi oishii nen!

The end

Ok you may ask yourself waht the heeell are those numbers next to the chords... basicaly, they are some arrangement they do

but that I don´t know how to write them, so let me try to explain them to you

ok the way of playing it (you can simply know it by listening to them or watching the vids)/ the song is written in 4 times

and the moves are Down-Up-stop-up-up-stop right?

[1][2]so in this part  G  D  C  ( C9   C ), you play

...C                                                     C9                   C
...Down_Up_stop_up_up_stop   up-up-stop    up-up-stop
and then G D... 
...C                                                      C9
...Down_Up_stop_up_up_stop     up

[3] (EDITED)Yasu plays alot with his little finger, the pinky (Forth for guitar) so for this Dm he adds the finger to make an effect (it's like a distortion, for a short time it turns from Dm to Dsus and then back to Dm.... and, I know you`ll find it out

[4]You can play it barred or the usual


BTW!!!!THERE ARE SOME PARTS MISSING(Yoko's bridge and somewhere around the end); (I'll keep working on them, promise!!), AND I'M TRUELY SORRY ABOUT IT, IF SOMEONE CAN HELP ME WITH IT... PLEASE....

I'll explain some chords here:
    B7                                                                                        Bm
[---2---]                                                                                 [---2---]
[---0---]                                                                                 [---3---]
[---2---]                                                                                 [---4---]
[---1---]                                                                                 [---4---]
[---2---]                                                                                 [---2---]
[---X---]                                                                                 [---X---]            

  [*]Bb (AKA  A#)                                                                                     

paaaaan for your help <3                            


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