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BJ is love!!!!

BJ... keeps growing in my heart!!

OMG OMH OMGGGGGG!!! Me is very very very happy right now!!!

I love it....
I was hopping for instruments but after watching it I don't care to try harder to find the chords by myself!!!!
100% recomend it!!!
IYAAAAAA!!!! Their voices, the stage, Yasu's voice and Maru's aswell, I mean Maruuuuu!!... 
Baru is loving to perform it... He's so into that song.... 
I love how they are plaing more with their voice ranges... Like actually using Ohkura for low keys and Yasu and Maru for the higher ones.... sooooo professional XD
everyone... I'm teary of excitement.... this is love!!
I can't wait for the whole episode (thing I'm sure I will have to do =_=)
This single deserves more sales.... srsly... I'm actually starting to like DareYori (yeah niki, I'm kinda getting the feeling...)

Please enjoy!! 
Tags: bj, k8, kajani8, music is love

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