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Ara!? Not an Eito related entry???? Yui's "I remember you" Chords

I'm just in love with Yui's music!!!
So I've been really willing to play I remember you on my guitar and finally I did my own chords that fit more to what Yui plays in her acoustic performances... Cuz I dind liked those in google.. mine is awesome XDDD

Extra notes:
- Why do I make such a big deal with this.. cuz I rarely like a female artist... actually I think Yui is the first one to actually make me go like this with her music, I find it pretty pretty good, and wow, she's sooo young.
- Don't get me wrong, that I don't like female artists doesn't mean there are no female aristes from my point of view... but that I don't really get into their music like Yui... She rocks yo... she's the first I admire this much!! Go YUI XD
- Thanks mandypchan  for showing me Yui....

I Remember You - Yui (Guitar Chords)
Cadd9     D Dsus4 D  Cadd9     D Dsus4 D

Cadd9      D        G         Em
Kaze wa moo tsumetai keredo
   Am                       D          G    
Natsukashii sora no nioi ga shitanda
Cadd9    D       G         Em      Am   
Hoomu kara umi ga mieru kono basho de
   D               G        G7
Kimi o sagashiteru

Em              D         Cadd9    G
Kisetsu hazure no saafuboodo ni
Em         D          G         G7
Ano natsu wa kitto ikiteru
Em           D       Cadd9       G
Taiyoo wa zutto oboeteita hazu sa
 Am       D
Nee kikoeteru?

                Cadd9   G       D         Am
*Namida wa misenaitte kimi wa soo itte 
    Cadd9       G          D      Em
Bokutachi wa futari te o futta
                 Cadd9  G   D         Am
Sayonara wa iwanai dakara te o futta
Cadd9           D    
Yuuyake ni kieta
          Cadd9          D Dsus4 D Cadd9 D Dsus4 D
I remember you

Cadd9      D    G         Em
Sabita gitaa kakaeru tabi ni
 Am            D                        G
Ano uta ga mune no oku o tsukamu kedo 
Cadd9      D      G         Em
Ima mo mada saenai hibi 
C                     D          G              G7
Kono basho de boku wa sugoshiteru

Em              D          Cadd9    G
Dakedo omounda dareka no tame ni
Em         D           G    G7
Kitto bokura wa ikiteru  
Em           D     Cadd9       G   
Taiyoo ga kitto oshietekuretanda
Am          D
 Nee kikoeteru? 

                Cadd9   G       D         Am
*Namida wa misenaitte kimi wa soo itte
    Cadd9       G          D      Em
Bokutachi wa futari te o futta
                 Cadd9  G   D         Am
Sayonara wa iwanai dakara te o futta 
Cadd9           D   
Yuuyake ni kieta
I remember you

  F                  C          G
Arekara boku wa aikawarazu dakedo 
  F                     C             D
Honno sukoshi jishin ga arunda


                Cadd9   G       D         Am
Namida o koraeteru yakusoku dakara 
    Cadd9       G          D      Em
Dareyorimo tsuyoku naranakucha
                 Cadd9  G   D         Am
Sayonara wa iwanai datte me o tojite 
Cadd9           D   
Sugu ni aeru  
            Cadd9   G   Cadd9   G  Cadd9
I remember you

I used this video as guide.... Yui - I remember you acoustic (Oxala!)

(I don't think anyone will really care about this entry XD)
Random note... I'm still (who knows untill when XD) working on this:
*Heavenly Psycho, Eden, Shimanchi nu takara (eito's version), Potential (Ryo), Watashi Kagami (yasu)... was there any other people requested??? XD

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