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Ike Ike Ikemen!!! Starring 3Baka [Reuploaded/ongoing]

Ike Ike Ikemen! 

My present to you all in Baru's bday!

Finally, here it is the complete short drama starring our lovely 3 ossans XD


Basically, Comment if taking, and CREDIT if sharing, I don't care where you share it, just credit. I took it from somewhere = I give credit to the person who took the time to find it first and upload it for us, now I changed the format into one that's more to our like (.avi), so I expect from those who might share it, to do the same and give credits. Why so bitchy? Becuz it really sucks when people take without apreciating your hard work, besides I'm doing all this while I'm studying, I bearly have time for myself with so many projects. So yeah basically, that's about it.
Enjoy XD


The Story:
3 students help people to make their "dreams" come true and slove their problems... yeah that's pretty much it XDDD Of course in the process, they'll blow the school kitchen, disguize as women, dance tutors, new age Neo's XD... waaah you gotta love these 3baka XD

Shibutani Subaru as Haru
Yokoyama You as Hiro
Murakami Shingo as Ryuichi

Episodes 12
Duration: 15 mins
General Quality: It's OK... for such an old video XD

- yokonobackyard for the original rmvb videos
- Lawi for converting them into avi
-Episode 5 & 6 to tomo_tomo_tomowas kind enough to upload 5 and 6 for us. Thank you!!
-If you want another server you'll have to wait... MF is, from what I see, very friendly with everyone so that's why I'm using it, if you would like another server leave a comment telling me which one and also ifI have to split the file ^_^

Ikemen #1 巨乳のお願い (Big Boobs' request)
MU:  Download

Ikemen#2 私の恥ずかしい写真 (My embarrassing Photos)
MU: Download

Ikemen#3 Hビデオすりかえ大作戦 (H Video retrieving secret mission!!)
MU: Download

Ikemen#4 踊る家庭教師 (Dancing Tutors)
MediaFire:  Part1  //  Part2

MU:  Download

Ikemen#5 幽霊なんか怖くない  (Ghost aren't that scary?!)
Note: If you find any problem while playing try skipping that part
MediaFire: Part1  //  Part2
MU: Download

Ikemen#6 バレンタイン本命チョコに恋の矢を! 
MediaFire:  Part1  // Part2 
MU: Download

Ikemen#7 ガンコ親父vs悩殺女装トリオ (I hate long titles.... Stubborn Father VS the woman (disguised) trio)
MediaFire:  Part1  //  Part2
MU: Download

Ikemen#8  主将チエンジで優勝する大作戦 (Win the championship with Captain "Change")
MediaFire:  Part1  //  Part2  //  Part3
MU: Download

Ikemen#9 美人教育実習生改造大作戦!!
MediFire: Part1  //  Part2
MU: Download

Ikemen#10  史上最大の強敵オカン現る!  ! (The most powerful enemy, Mum... is here!!)
(This one totally cracked me up!! 10 )
MediaFire: Part1  //  Part2  // Part3
MU: Download

Ikemen#11 イケメンVS餃子道場 (Ikemen VS Gyoza (dumpling) Gym)
MediaFire:  Part1  //  Part2  //  Part3
MU: Download

Final Episode

Ikemen#12 さらばイケメン!!今世紀最大の依頼 (Good-bye Ikemen!! The highest resquest of the century)
MediaFire: Part1  //  Part2
MU: Download

REUPLOADED: I only uploaded it on MU becuz it was the easiest way, if anyone is willing to help and share mirror links, I would really appreciate it. Please tell me if the links actually work, they uploaded quite fast (may 5.09)

If any link dies or is broken, please tell me, I'll try uploading as fast as I can
Hope you liked it!


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