Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote,

I keep finding more YokoLeah love XD

I don't think I will get over it so easly.... 

Yoko definitely left a deeper mark than any other EITO XD

-I just keep skipping through the Yoko leah parts onle XDD I mean he's almost in every shot, even when it was Subaru and Yasu's corner (the cotton and the gun part) you can see Yoko right next to the camera man XDD

-And come on... Leah kept leaning to Yoko's side everytime she laughed XD And she always looked for Yoko's sight for reasurement XDDD Maybe I'm looking too much into it but it's still fun and makes me happy and smily XD

Taxon: Cheeeeeeese!

Something is moving on the back....

YOKO: Freaking Ultraman... don't touch....


Yoko left his mark... at least he's the only one who appears on Leah's pic so he would definitely be rememebered XD

For my last Yoko and Leah OTP entry: GO THIS WAY

Tags: leah dizon, mucha buri, yokoyama yu

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