Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote,

Short Jani-ben Entry - Zakoba-san 2nd part

It was really cute to see Baru blushed... enough resons to cap him ^_^  + Yoko was really 

What?? is that how my hair looks on TV??? Why didn't anyone tell me?????

Subaru: *looks down* Yasu!!! Your your your.... You've grown!! XD

I don't know about you but I think Yoko was reriously hot in this part ^_^... he was hot during the whole show.. but particulary here....

I don't know... I think it's the evil look....

and the red shirt, open on his chest...

And the facial hair... HOT!

I wanted to play a joke on Baru...... he didn't take it that well....

Don't ever tell me you're leaving me again!!!! *pats* I won't!!! *killed*

Ok I always thought japanese couldn't blushed XDD sorry sorry.... but less I would think that of a guy!!

Baru proved me I was wrong.. he blushed and that was sooooo cute!!!

Too bad I can show it better... but if you look at it carefully and if you watch this ep... you will surely  see it!!!
He BLUSHED!!! *pokes cheeks* Cute, Subaruuuuu!!

Tags: jani ben, kanjani8, picsam, shibutani subaru, yokoyama yuu

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