June 24th, 2008


Yoko is Leah's fave, I know it, you know it!!

Well I was watching this video of Leah in some random show... Shopan and she was asked sorta like the hatoko game XD
Father and mother I have no idea who she picked XD, as little brother she picked HeySayJump Yamada-kun (is he one of the cute kids? anyhoots) she was asked who for best friend... someone I don't really care XD and then they went to comercial but after it you could see Yoko's name for "Drinking buddy" XD 

See?? Uhhh drinks... alcohoool... it can lead you to other thinks leah... careful careful XD (oh the girl has that face cuz leah said "even when it isn't written, you would be my hatoko" hahah poor girl, ha I bet that world stucked on Leah since muchaburi XD)
I can't watch it at Veoh, so I cheated XD but here's for the short video: shopan on veoh

Weeeeeh I love being random XD