May 13th, 2007

Bubu ic

Kanjani8 Con-greeting and Lawi-chan in the wonderworld!!

Kanjani8 Honma ni Bikkuri Concert Greetings (070505)

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Before I go to bed..... THE REASON BEHIND THE " TaXon" = Tacchon!

Simple... I like how it looks: "TaXon" XDD and also bcuz it's shorter than "Tacchon" and bcuz I have this weird feeling of the 'X' reminding me of the "CCH" japanese sound XDDD so from now on I'll write TaXon!! ^__________^ I should patent that name hahaha And another reason... maybe the true one XD
[Edit] The 'X' reminds me of the verb 'to scratch' that in spanish is 'TACHAR'!!! HAHAH so there you go XDDD 
'X'--> To scratch -->Tachar (spanish)--> Tacchon.... X==> TaXon XD

It's pure algebra XDDDD

Then let's move to my very unique and special dreams... Me and Yasu??? Me and Ryo??? What about my beloved Subaru???

First let's start with Ryo's one...

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Ahhhh I need to find the recipe to dream about them more frecuently.....

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I like my dreams... too bad I don't know when they will appear XDDD