April 28th, 2007

Bubu ic

Is that you, Uchi???

Ok... We all know I love Eito... but it's not a mistery that I don't talk much about Uchi... trust me, I do like him, is just that most of my crack entries are from new stuffs, so, you know what I mean.... Still some of my first crack entries have him XDD

Anyway... I wanted to share some Uchi love with you guys.... And maybe you could tell me...
Is that you, Uchi????

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Now some Eito sex... OK?

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This pic/gif made me think.... What would I do if the father of my children was this hot and sweet guy????

Possible aswers....
a) I don't think we would need a TV... cuz we'll have sex XDD
b) I would end up having lots and lots of babies... even when I want only 2... can you imagine how beautiful they'd be???
c) I wont give my children enough time... I would be too distracted with him XDDD
d) I do't know XD

How about you gusy????

These Smex section pics and GIFs were taken from Baidu!!