January 19th, 2007

Bubu ic

WTF!!! I just wasted $250!!!

What the hell am I suppose to do when the freacking software won't work for you!!

I feel so stupid.... I bought the Zune from Microsoft.... I really thought it was a great buy since, I mean, 30 GB, great video resol, mp3, pretty.... Yeah it costed the same as the iPod Nano (8 GB, smaller, yeah, prettier, yeah) but man, 30 GB!!! WOW It's like another Hard Disc.... but the coolest thing ever, yeah this is soooooo great (note the sarcastic tone), the software can't be installed on my computer!! YAY

I also bought the Sony PSP, and it works perfectly for me... but why the hell..... It just feels so bad....... it so great to be here (Colombia) and can't tell the fucking shop where I bought it (US) that something's wrong... Woohoo

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