Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote,

Maybe.... I would like to be photographer.... maybe ^_^

There's still a long way to get better... But I will walk all the way!!
I've found in photography a nice escape to different worlds....I'll may not be good, now, but I'll definitely work hard!!

Thanks to Mura-chan (pinkflutterbys), who inspired me and my lovely Niki (ttxryo_nic) , who has always supported me!!

This entry is dedicated to you both!!


I don't have a proffecional camera... it's a semi-pro, cannon A620, 7.5mpx and I use the manual mode... of course it's not the same as a SLR but it's a good way to start... I think


This two pictures here... they are actually something like practice... I wanted to find out how to use the lens, and focusing things... in the first one... the closest cup is blur but the ones behind look pretty shiny... so that's why I like it

This one is the other way around... nice effect..


I really like low light pictures...

I actually bought the stones for this pics ^__^


Cake stores and supermarkets are fun to picture too ^^

That's it for now...

So how was it???? I would love to read your comments!!!

Tags: life, photos, picsam

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