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Thank you!!... and Samurai Blues Chords!!

Yappo minna!!
Here I bring you Samurai Blues guitar chords!!

Do you wanna sing along Lawi Ryochan!? Hit it!!

But First...

Isn't it shiny??? I want to thank my lovely Niki (ttxryo_nic)... for giving such a big surprise and almost heart attack... Srsly, if you want someone to make a surprise party or kill you of happiness, call her... She must have an official office by now...

It's perfect ne.. it's the best... (oblivious at the fact that there are other who have it too) I think mine is the best yup...

Ok.. ok... what if some of you already have it??? I don't care.. acually.. Mine is the newest at least ^^ XDDDDD Yay!! Lawi 1 - Others 0
Just kidding... I'm just happy... Thank you so much Niki-cha~~n!

On to business

As always some special notes....

-First... I made this having Ryo Samurai blues as base... so.... He plays it with this thing you down here... in spanish is "cejilla" (little eyebrown :D?), sorry for my poor english XD... Anyway... the first one is new one, definitely not mine XDD... mine is the one on the right really old, but I prefer to call it a relique XDD... As you can see in my picture I show you were exactly to place it!!
              "Cejilla"                                                              Mine XD...
So you should place it just like that.. in the 4th brigde?? Tab?? Flat?? I don't know but I hope you get what I mean ^_^U

And becuz it might end up being a bit confussing here are the chords pics... sort of XD, remember we hace that thing on our guitar so the names of the chords change...

 G#m (or in normal sircunstances 'Em')                         B (just like before 'G' but we have that.. you get what I mean)

F# ( D, but see we have that funny thing there ^^)                           E ( or  C but yeah, we aren't in the first bridge)

Ok.. are you ready!!!!

Samurai Blues / Ryo solo Bikkuri con

G#m B F# (x2)

G#m                       B                          F#
     mayonaka no rasshu awaa ni mi wo yudane

G#m            B                          F#
    kyou mo ichinichi ga owarou to shite iru

G#m        B                          F#  
    ironna yatsu no jinsei nokkete

                               E              F#
doko ni mukatte iru no ka

(F#)                      G#m
dare ni mo wakaranai

F#            E              B
    donna yami no ushiro ni mo

     E                                   F#
hikari ga aru to shinjiteru

        B                                    F#
ore no naka no samurai blues

        B                                F#
kujikenna yo samurai blues

               E                                            F#
dakara kono ai wo mamorasete kure

             E                             F#
itsu datte makenaide kure

samurai blues

And that's it XDDD... Ok.. is not the whole song.. but you can always try... I've never done it  though XD


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