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Is that you, Uchi???

Ok... We all know I love Eito... but it's not a mistery that I don't talk much about Uchi... trust me, I do like him, is just that most of my crack entries are from new stuffs, so, you know what I mean.... Still some of my first crack entries have him XDD

Anyway... I wanted to share some Uchi love with you guys.... And maybe you could tell me...
Is that you, Uchi????

Here he is!! The girl took that picture in the exact moment when he was telling me "I see you when I get there {heart X3}.... I have a surprise for you, something I want you to wear {wink} *cough*Babydoll*cough*" Yes you can imagine how wild that night  was *bricked*
This pic was taken with a cellphone by... someone XD on the train YAY!!! I don't know if it's him... I want to think it is... and either way... that guy is HOT!!

Here are some pics of his car, house entrance and his house XD

Ah... that door that I've walked trhough so many times *bricked* Yeah the car is blurry but hey, he has car!!! O_O

Yes quite a normal car, but I like it when he rides me home  and sometimes we kiss and all XDDD LOL (uuf.... I wish)

This pics were taken some time around 2006!!! I took them from </a></b></a>_hydelove_and she found them at Baidu... so there you go those are the credits!!!

Now some Eito sex... OK?

I found some of the caps of Ryo Uchi sex Homemade video!! yay!

Ryo: Hey everybody this is Ryo..
Uchi: Hiroki and...
Subaru: Mmmmh..... 
Ryo: ¬_¬.... Un yeah and you're the honored one who watches our first sex homemade video!!! I'll be directing
Uchi: Waaah.. this looks like so much fun.... I'll be... *giggles*... the one reciving....
Subaru: mmmmh.... I...... don't know......
Ryo: Subaru.... you'll be giving Uchi.....
Subaru: Mmh....

So yeah... Subaru was meant to be on the video but right when the camera was on and Uchi started touching him... he panic and....

He fainted...... *sigh*

So it should be Uchi.... having fun by his own..... *pouts*

Ryo: Hiro-chan, are you ready??
Uchi: yeah... you can come in!!

Uchi: Wah.. It's really hot in here... I feel so... hot (what an aweful porn dialog *shakes head*)
I feel like..... wanting to touch myself.....

Uchi: Oh yeah... it feels so good... my nipples are so hard.... mmmmh...
But Ryo couldn't help his urges to join ^________^

Uchi: Eh? What?
Ryo: Mind me if I help you???

Since Ryo still has the camera... we can't see him.. he's so sneaky huh?

But look like he's doing a good job ne
Can I say something.... OMG Those lips!!!!

Uchi: Ffff... Ryo....

And here it comes... Uchi's orgasmic face... well it wasn't what I was expecting from someone that cute and hot... but well

Haha... Yeah... the first two is the exact moment of the great O... then in the third the O is sinking till it takes us to pic 4 where he's back to himself ^____^

Oh and he's really happy

Uchi: Ryo... that was soooo cool... Encore??

Here some more Uchi Love.... cuz never is enough love for this sweetie hottie guy!!!



This pic/gif made me think.... What would I do if the father of my children was this hot and sweet guy????

Possible aswers....
a) I don't think we would need a TV... cuz we'll have sex XDD
b) I would end up having lots and lots of babies... even when I want only 2... can you imagine how beautiful they'd be???
c) I wont give my children enough time... I would be too distracted with him XDDD
d) I do't know XD

How about you gusy????

These Smex section pics and GIFs were taken from Baidu!!
Tags: papparazzi, picsam, uchi hiroki

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