TVXQ has become some sort of religion...

Not to me... it´s just something I wanted to say.

This reading might make you laugh, cry, maaad, bore you, amuse you, you might even want to kill me or simply do absolutly nothing, but if you do take the time to read wha´s inside my crazy head and understand what I´m saying even if a little... YOU`RE AWESOME!!! <3

This is about the war between JYJ and TVXQact2 fans... More like the hardcore ones...

You might get offended but then think it might wasn´t directed to you.

Now, let´s think about the situation in the fandom at the moment.

TVXQ has become some sort of religion... why????

Let´s say, TVXQ is an ancient religion, with 5 gods.

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Fan wars amuse me :D I can´t stop myself from getting involved xD

I know I´m not as active in the JPOP/Kanjani8 fandom, I´m not active in any I just like reading the drama. But I remember how in the JPOP fandom you would be warned about the drama in KPOP fandom. It´s sooooo true!!! Be careful, this is with death wishes and all that spice and sugar. And it comes from both francs!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

Oh and... I still looooove my What the heck icon <3<3 Kanjani8 is soooooooo peaceful? Why can't be others like that?... A little bit crazy, chaotic maybe,sometimes with drama, but always with tons of fun.
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Guitar Chords index

Guitar Chords index

Sometimes I find mistakes on my chords ^_^; ... so do keep cheeking them out... I'll add a "Thumbs up" sign when I feel they are really ready XD... Just a *OK* will do :D


Ashita  -Kanjimi3 unit song
Eden -Yasu's solo parts/tabs
Heavenly Psycho 
Heavenly Psycho -  Ryo's concert Version
Pray -Subaru's song)
Samurai Blues
Samurai Blues -Ryo concert version

Sankyoudai (Eito SubUnit)
Amechan  *needs arrangement, but can be def. played :D*

Real Face (Yasu's 818 version) 

Chiisana Koi no uta (Tabs)

I Remeber You


Kimi Iro
Labo *new*

Rolling Coaster

Gregory and the Hawk

More to add...

Some thing I want to make clear, I'm no expert, not even close to medium, I play for hobby and because I like music but I'm really far from any other person that has had actual training or anyone who is more dedicated than me XD But I'm always up to help and love sharing songs, so is really nice to see people commenting on these entries appreciating the hard work. Thank you everyone. <3

And this is a great site to find chords: www.chordfind.com  ... Of course I will help you with any chord I use and you need the tab ^_^

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This is my luck... but also my own fault

I mean... I really wanted to see my family.. it was almost a year so... But it was also my own fault...
I've been living in germany for almost a year... but that's not the problem...
It's my fault for  staying out of the fandom for so long...
I missed my chance..
My chance to finally see Gackt live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I... The person who brought my to Jmusic!! The one I love since I was 12 and please don't make me say my age XD
But srsly... If I knew he was coming I would have stayed... at least a little longer... am I a bad daughter?

And now I go to see Eito stuff... and I feel sooooooo lost... it's like... it's like... I'm a noobie all over again...
It sucks...

It sucks...
it really isn't a pretty picture right now...

Eito walk

I just want to be home...

 And hold my family as tight as my arms let me.
I recently got sad news from home... And you just feel useless because you can't do anything about it...

Onigishi is one of my favorite songs and will always be that way.
Yoko, who always makes us laugh and have a smile on his face...
I pray for you to stay strong, and be loved be everyone who surrounds you.
K8 members, fans, friends...

Losing someone you love isn't easy, but being loved lightens the weight of sadness...

To my mom, my dad, my brother...
I love them with all my might... everything I do I do them for them,
for my brother I give every drop of life I have...
But in the end there's no better gift for them that to go on
to grow
be happy yourself
be strong

R.I.P To Yokoyama You's mother
She raised great boys now grown up men.
Had sons who love her and Yoko did all for her
because he was amazingly gratefull for all the hard work she had to go throught to raise them...

We're pround of being your fans,
I am proud of being your fan...
Your are pround of being her son...
She' is proud of being your mother

Love people, and tell your family you love them, those words are never said enough to your family...
If you really feel it, you can say it...

Random Update....

What would you think of me covering Brulèe dance???? (^w^)

Uwaaaaaaaaaaah ages since I was here... not blaming anyone, I've become boring person xD

One thing that hasn't change?.... I still want to see them nacked Buuuuuahahahahahahha  >: )

Niki are you coming visting me?

ok... The sun sets on 9pm...

Random right?

Back to sleep...
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My Very Special Crack Index!! Eito Crack for Dummies!

Kanjani8 Crack for Dummies!  

The crack index will be down for a while, but please check on my crack tag to see all the crack entries...

Ahhhh And how can I forget about my videos!!

Sorry no caps for this... maybe later!!

I highly recommend my videos XDD Mwahahaha

Oohh They touch their tralalas... mmh their ding ding dongs!  )

( [Fanvid] Do you believe in Kanjani8's sexiness? )

Maybe... just maybe, the video list will increase with the time.. who knows ....

Of course... this will go on... until my head explodes.... XD

Kanjani8 is <3


Ryo yeah

[Guitar Chords] Heavenly Psycho - Ryo's Version

Ooooh Sorry it's took me this long.. I was too lazy to type them... Yeah... How can someone be so lazy for years when the song is so short.??????? There you have the definition of Laura XD

Heavenly Psycho - Ryo's Version

(Since I don't have any design program in my laptop at the moment... let's just have sexy Ryo and the Guitar)

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Enjoy playing along Ryo!!!

Question... Are post in Eden bein moderated now???? I think I can't post there O_O
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It livessss... LIIIIIIVESSS!!!

Yeah... I'm back baby!!!! My lovely Niki helped me!! I stole her sleep, she spend lots of hours fixing it, and we went to bed around 4 am!! and I had to be in the train station at 8am... of course Niki went to say goodbye... Thank you my lovely Niki!!! You know.. I love watching our Between Friends video, the one for your Bday... That's exactly our friendship. <3

BTW... Here are some vids I would like to share of me singing XD

Ayaka Te wo Tsunagou Cover

Bolder Thing to Do -  Gregory and the Hawk

Like Daddy like Daughter - Gregory and the Hawk (I'm all sweaty... I was dancing b4 that XD)

So... hmmm... Hmmm.. Few news about my life:

- I was in Paris for New Year!!!!! Yeah baby... Paris *party*, Let's Paris *party*, It's Paris *party* time
- I didn't get into any uni, so there's a possibility of me, going back home... Don't want to though...
- I've met Niki two times already!!! Yeahhhh!!!
- Tomorrow is my bday and I will be spending it (at least morning) in the hair salon, I'll dye my hair... Can't really make it lighter cuz it will be too expensive, so I guess it will only be another shade of brown... not a big change sadly.. which brings us to...

I want to learn how to dye my own hair, not only with costumer dyers, better if it's pro ones (those you can get in hair supply stores), but wow it's so much theory, bleaching, develorpers, toners... Do I have anyone in my Flist that knows alot about this????? I need help XD

Last but not least... Thank you guysm for ur supporting comments, it's nice to know you guys care!! Love u all!!! *chu*